Stormy Changes

Posted at 8:00 AM, May 19, 2019

The summer weekend continues, but now we’re throwing active weather in the mix. As of now, showers are showing up on the MaxTrack, but they are well to the west and not expected to move towards us. A couple of fronts will move in later this afternoon/evening bringing rounds of showers and thunderstorms. As the line slides east through the Midwestern States, it will be encountering very warm air.

Severe storms are likely across portions of eastern Illinois, Indiana, western Ohio, and Southern Michigan. The severe threat primarily cuts off at the Ohio River, but a few of the stronger storms could continue into Kentucky. Heavy rain, and damaging wind gusts are possible. Also, due to the strong southwesterly surface wind today, driving may become difficult at times. This will be especially true for high-profile vehicles such as RVs and Semis. The west-east oriented highways (I-64, the Parkways, etc.) will have the crosswinds. Gusts could reach as high as 45 mph.