Late-Weekend Pop-Ups

Posted at 8:00 AM, Jun 02, 2019

We’re still expecting Sunday to be the more “active” of the two weekend days. A cold front is sliding south through the day and will allow a few showers to get going into the afternoon. As for now, things are mostly quiet on the radar, save for a few isolated nocturnal t-showers trying to cross the Ohio, Otherwise, it’s partly cloudy and mild, with better visibility compared to yesterday.  
We’ll be warming up quickly again today, but don’t expect another 80-degree day. Temperatures will run slightly cooler in the afternoon only reaching the upper 70s for most. Regardless it will still be a warm afternoon in between the rain showers. As the heating continues and the frontal boundary slides south, the pop-ups will begin. Showers will be isolated and will develop primarily south of Interstate 64. As they continue to develop, a few will grow large enough to drop a brief round of heavy rain. A few will even push to thunderstorm limits. Gusty winds and lightning may be the case with a few showers. Everything is expected to stay garden variety. One or two storms may be severe warned for wind, but those will be in the extreme southeast. If you happen to be missed completely by the showers, enjoy your warm and partly cloudy day. We’re also keeping tabs on a tropical wave in the Bay of Campeche that is hinting at a path to tropical development in the coming days. This system will be watched closely as it could bring us a pretty wet pattern through next weekend.