Building Heat & Humidity Before Late Day Storms

Posted at 8:00 AM, Jun 23, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-23 06:08:06-04

It’s been a relatively quiet overnight period with mainly cloud coverage and lows about where they were at this time yesterday. Fog will be an issue for some and the lower visibilities are showing up in southern and southeastern counties. The calm or light wind isn’t helping things much. A dying batch of nocturnal thunderstorms are marching through our western counties. I’ll be surprised if any make it into our forecast area this morning as anything but a rogue shower.

A warm front lifting north will set the stage for a warm and humid afternoon. You’ll likely see a little more sunshine through the day, but don’t expect sunny skies by any stretch. It will still be mostly cloudy, especially as the clouds build. Other than a few stray showers from the line marching east this morning, Sunday is shaping up to be a mostly dry day. We will be dealing with a round of thunderstorms later this evening as a line of activity slides eastward. Like yesterday, the highest severe threat is to our west. Still, an isolated damaging wind gusts is possible through the evening. Also, watch for high water as the storms moving in can drop a lot of rain in a hurry. A cool front Monday will usher in the last round of storms before we start a midweek dry stretch that will last longer than the previous one (last Friday).