Severe Threat Will End the Wet Pattern

Posted at 2:15 PM, Jun 24, 2019

Scattered rain showers with a few lightning strikes have been rolling most of the late morning and early afternoon. These thundershowers are mainly dropping heavy rain and producing a few strong wind gusts. Otherwise, they’re typical. Temperatures are warm, running in the upper 70s/low 80s and the humidity is up as well.

In the mid-section of the afternoon, storms are expected to continue to grow in strength. Behind the daytime heat-driven storms will be a complex of thunderstorms which will also have unstable air to work with. This will lead to a round of storms that could grow to severe criteria. Heavy rain and frequent lightning are a given. Severe threats that will be possible are damaging wind gusts, hail, and spin-up tornadoes. The main threat will be in the far eastern counties, where an “enhanced” risk for severe weather is situated. The I-75 corridor is under a “slight” risk, and the severe threat lowers further west. A SEVERE THUNDERSTORM WATCH is in effect for Central and Eastern Kentucky until 9:00 PM. Flash flooding is possible if you get caught under a torrential downpour, so watch for high water as these storms pass. Remember to NEVER drive through a flooded roadway.