Rain and storms continue Thursday

Waves of rain with strong storms expected
Posted at 1:56 PM, Jun 02, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-02 13:56:08-04

Widespread rain showers continue across the forecast area as the slow-moving low slides closer. Most rain has been light to moderate, waiting on the warmth of the day to kick off thunderstorms, promising heavier showers. Temperatures have been running in the middle to upper 60s thanks to the abundant cloud coverage and rain-cooled air. With some breaking of the clouds this afternoon we may see them warm into the 70s.

Showers will continue widespread in waves through the rest of the evening and Thursday. The low causing all of this is taking its time clearing the area, so unfortunately, we’re stuck with a second day of showers and thunderstorms. For the rest of this evening, the few thunderstorms around will not have much to work with going into the late part of the day so expect more showers than storms and more of a shield of rain exiting northeast. Cloudy skies with minimal rain are expected for most of the overnight period, with only isolated and occasional showers/storms. The next big wave will be around the morning commute time for primarily south, east, and southeast Kentucky. Scattered to widespread heavy rain is possible with a few storms possible.

That wave clears by about noon, but the heating of the day will start to blossom scattered thunderstorms in all regions going into the early and middle afternoon. The evening will consist of a line of showers and storms breaking up as it moves southeast, still heavy rain and strong wind gusts are possible. A “marginal” risk for severe storms (1 out of 5) will be draped over Eastern Kentucky tomorrow, showing that isolated instances of borderline severe storms are possible. The mostly likely threat from these will be damaging wind gusts, otherwise heavy rain, and lightning. Showers move out on Friday and we’re back to sunshine and summer heat for the weekend.