Rain arrives overnight

Cold front drives in rain & cold air
Posted at 5:09 PM, Dec 05, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-05 17:09:05-05

Temperatures have had a nice boost thanks to the southwesterly winds and the sunshine that showed up midday. We successfully reached the low to middle 60s for the afternoon high making for a nice outdoor weather day. The rain has held off, save for a few light showers, but more is on the way.

Rain is already being detected on the MaxTrack. Showers are scattered and arriving from the west. We will get these scattered showers at first, with more widespread activity expected overnight and tomorrow morning. A few rumbles of thunder are possible, but the chance for severe storms remains fairly low. The strongest of thunderstorms will be closer to the Bowling Green area, but some of that could bleed over into the Lakes Region. Rain will become heavy at times inside the scattered showers, but also inside the widespread activity.

This robust line of rain will allow between 0.50” and 1.50” of rain to fall between tonight and tomorrow afternoon. The Bluegrass and I-75 corridor will have rain ending in the late morning tomorrow. Rain should be wrapping up in the eastern counties around the mid-afternoon. Cold air pours in through the late part of the day Monday.

Temperatures will cool from the 50s through the low 40s and eventually into the low 20s by Tuesday morning. Best we do in the afternoon on Tuesday is around 35 degrees, prep for cold. Better chances for rain arrive late week with warmer air.