Rain is out, cold is in

Clouds eventually clear
Posted at 6:20 AM, Dec 19, 2021

The rain is long gone for most of Kentucky with only a few fringe counties along the VA state line seeing leftover activity. This moves out early and we’re all left with abundant cloud coverage and cold air. Temperatures are down to near freezing with a few more degrees to lose before we warm up a little with the sunshine. These temperatures are back between 15 and 20 degrees from 24 hours ago.

Once the sun comes up it will be hard to find with the cloud deck sitting overhead and remaining thick. Where the air is drying out more rapidly (north and west) skies will clear sooner. It will take several hours, but we should be seeing the sunshine, or at least some blue working in by the late morning or around noon. The southern and southeastern counties are a little more saturated from the heavier rain. These areas may keep clouds around longer, and probably have some freezing fog to deal with as the sun is coming up.

By the late afternoon, everyone should be seeing at least the breaking of the clouds. Clouds continue to break further overnight into tomorrow, where everyone is promised sunshine and a lot of it. Temperatures take a hit today, which is obvious behind a cold front. We will run about 5 degrees below normal. We warm back up, closer to normal, for the middle of the week and even shoot past it as we arrive closer to Christmas. Sunshine continues through midweek with clouds building late week ahead of a Christmas rain chance.