Ramping up the warmth

Temperatures are up for the week
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Posted at 3:02 PM, Mar 09, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-09 18:52:46-05

Temperatures are running in the 60s this afternoon and well above our normal high for this time of the year. We have achieved this despite abundant cloud coverage all thanks to the wind speed and direction. Winds out of the south have been running 5-15 out of the southwest with gusts to 25 mph. These conditions will be more pronounced in the next few days.

Looking into the middle of the week, we’re still looking (mostly) rain free. High pressure continues to run the forecast but is breaking down. As the high continues to migrate east, lows will get closer to us keeping the changes coming. Clouds have been present today and that will continue into tomorrow. Despite this, temperatures will run in the upper 60s & low 70s Wednesday and Thursday. Wind will be the biggest factor out of the southwest. Wind speeds will run 10-25 mph with gusts between 30 and 40 mph. This will make it feel good outside, but we also need to keep fire weather in mind. Humidity values have been running between 20%-25%. This dry air mixed with gusty wind speeds could allow fires to spread rapidly. If you plan to burn, please remember to keep an eye on it and practice good fire safety techniques.

Meaningful rain arrives late in the day on Thursday and continues through Saturday morning. Showers will be widespread to scattered with some spots getting heavy at times. Collectively we’re not looking anywhere near rain totals with the last storm that came in. Still, a couple of inches could fall. Amounts will be nailed down later in the week.