Rushing for snow supplies at Chevy Chase Hardware

Chevy Chase Hardware
Posted at 5:02 AM, Jan 15, 2022

LEXINGTON, Ky. (LEX 18) — If you've been putting off buying ice melt or other snow prep items, you might want to hurry.

The owner of a hardware store in Lexington said Friday that after last week's winter weather, they're starting to sell out of some snowstorm essentials.

Last week's storm dumped close to 10 inches of snow in Lexington and other areas in central Kentucky, but it turns out people weren't in such a rush to get everything they needed.

"Last week it seems like people waited too late," Chevy Chase Hardware owner, Lisa Justice, said. "The snow was already falling before people came to get their ice melt and sleds and we were out of sleds."

Friday's turnout at the store might be an indicator as to how many people waited until the last minute for items last week.

"Today we've been very busy with people making sure they have their shovels and ice melt," Justice said.

Another quick seller— sleds.

"We were not expecting, but we received 30 sleds about an hour ago on the truck and they're almost all gone," Justice said.

That was earlier Friday afternoon when they got that shipment. If you're worried you might be without one this weekend, don't.

"My husband, who also owns the store with me, has driven to Pennsylvania to a warehouse that doesn't usually service us, to get more sleds," she said. "He's actually coming back with 12 hundred sleds tonight."

If you've been without the necessary items, don't put off getting them.

"Make sure this year to go ahead and get your ice melt, your snow shovels your sleds before they run out of stock because there's a good chance they could run out this season," Will Edwards with Chevy Chase Hardware said.

It's recommended that drivers also have an emergency kit with food, water, snow brush, ice scraper, and phone charger.