Showers from Ida continue

An additional inch of rain possible
Posted at 4:37 PM, Aug 31, 2021

Ida has provided Kentucky with a dreary Tuesday. Clouds have been thick all day and once the rain got going, there hasn’t been any stopping it. The good news is that it’s been very light to at most moderate. Rainfall rates have been on the lower end, which is not overwhelming the creeks, streams, and rivers. Despite the Flash Flood Watch still being in effect, no advisories, or warnings have been put into effect. So, flooding has not been a big issue for the day. That’s good news.

So far, 1” to 3” of rain have been collected across the forecast area. An additional inch is expected between the rest of today and through the morning/afternoon tomorrow. Wind gusts will pick up at times, but are not expected to run any higher than 25-30 mph. Once Ida leaves Kentucky, clearing will begin as high pressure builds in.

This clearing will continue through the morning on Thursday bringing back sunshine to the region and keeping it in place through Friday. Temperatures will be running well below average making it feel more like a fall few days. Into the weekend, another cold front slides south, this one will try to bring a few showers/storms both Saturday and Sunday.