Showers rolling in

A stagnant, but active pattern begins
Posted at 7:04 AM, Jun 06, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-06 07:04:27-04

Rain is moving in from the southwest as the low and moisture from the Gulf of Mexico get closer. Showers will be mostly scattered but could range from a sprinkle to a heavy downpour, depending on where they line up. Clouds made for warmer temperatures this morning; most of us are in the upper 60s, to start the day.

Rain activity will continue for the entire week as a stagnant low-pressure pattern sets up over the southeastern United States. Rain will be scattered in nature but sometimes could drop to isolated in coverage. Rain characteristics will range from sprinkles to heavy downpours, as they typically do in the summer. This means that while your neighbors are getting a deluge, you might get only a few drops. That’s the nature of summertime thundershowers. This will also mean the difference in precipitation amounts will be barely measurable in some spots and over an inch or two in other spots, through the week. What you can bet on is a mild morning start and a warm afternoon finish for all days this week.

The pattern will be impressively consistent with temperatures every single day this week and into the coming weekend. There is a cold front slated for early next week. Hopefully that will be enough to sweep this moisture and low pressure out of here for at least a few days.