Similar conditions Tuesday

Heat and humidity stick around
Posted at 3:21 PM, Jul 05, 2021

July 4th came with typical summer heat and a bit more humidity than the two days before the holiday. This was the transition back to a hot and dry heat ridge that was setting up for today and tomorrow. Temperatures have reached near 90 degrees today thanks to a southerly surface wind and sunshine to kick off the day. Thermals were rising and have been creating cumulus in the forecast area, with only a few of them actually dropping rain.

Heat and humidity were cranked up for the start of the work week, or maybe the short work week for the lucky ones. This ridge of high pressure is baking us, and the humidity is just high enough to be uncomfortable. A few small isolated pop-ups have show up on the MaxTrack this afternoon, but the coverage will remain minimal. Tuesday will bring very similar conditions. Expect to warm back up to 90 degrees with a heat index that will run in the middle to upper 90s for most. Once again, an isolated pop-up shower or thundershower is possible, but will be minimal in coverage. Things get a little more interesting midweek as a cold front gets closer and high pressure begins to break.

Temperatures will be cooling some, but not much more than about five degrees. Shower and storm coverage will be a little more on the scattered side. By Thursday, the front will move overhead and bring with it a better chance for rain. This front is unfortunately not bringing the cooler and drier airmass that we had to start the holiday weekend. Therefore, summer heat and humidity plan to stick with us as we complete this week and move through the coming weekend. Shower and storm chance will move up and down each day as high and low pressure swing around us.