Slightly active now, very active later

Scattered rain showers tonight
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Posted at 1:22 PM, Feb 24, 2021

The pattern turns active as we move into the middle of the week. The wind out of the south, getting breezy at times was the first real sign of change. It was a welcome one as temperatures had no issue scaling up into the 60s this afternoon with a few areas even reaching 70! This is the spring we can all look forward too. Rain showers have yet to develop but its only a matter of time.

Moving into the late afternoon and evening hours, rain showers will become scattered along a line stretching from southwest to northeast. Rain will be light but still enough to wash a little of the salt grime away from the streets and vehicles. Amounts to 0.10” will be the norm with localized rainfall to 0.25” possible. The added moisture to the region will help to develop low clouds for Thursday morning. You can expect a little fog in places, but mostly a thick morning cloud deck with drizzle possible. This deck will break apart as we approach noon and the sun will come back out. Due to the shift in wind direction (north) we’re looking to cool back into the middle or upper 40s for Thursday and Friday afternoons. This is normal for late winter. The 50s will be back over the weekend with plenty of rainfall. Several rounds of widespread rainfall. Several inches of rain are possible to fall, especially in our southeast counties through the weekend. This will bring a possibility for flooding. Something to keep in mind as we approach the coming weekend.