Small bits of activity

Warm with a small chance for storms
Posted at 2:20 PM, Jun 16, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-16 20:00:41-04

It was almost a “cool” morning start with temperatures in the low to middle 50s and a light breeze. We’re warming slowly through the 70s for most, but a few spots southeast are still running cooler thanks to thicker and more abundant cloud coverage. It is still comfortable outside thanks to mostly dry air at the surface.

We’re not changing much each day due to the slow movement of the upper-level pattern. Since Saturday, we’ve been dealing with a low that detached from the Jetstream and therefore has been slowly bouncing around, bringing similar daily conditions. The same low will slide north and eventually northwest touching the Appalachians again by the end of the week meaning we will see our rain chance go up slightly for a few days. Just like early this week, most showers will be confined to areas east of I-75 for this afternoon and tomorrow. As the low gets closer to Kentucky, we may see a few of these storms reach further west. Showers or storms will be as they have been, isolated. They may drop anywhere from light to moderate rain and may include gusty winds and small hail. Some may not even reach thunderstorm status and just rain out after a short amount of time. Storms will be small enough that they will only affect a few miles at a time and will be more “miss” than “hit.” So, if you still have outdoor plans this week, keep them. Just be watching the radar and head indoors if you hear thunder. Chances are, you’ll only have to wait it out for a few minutes before the sun is back out. Temperatures will continue to hover below or at normal for the rest of the week. We will be back above normal for the weekend.