Small hit of wintry weather (for some)

Late morning rain/snow mix, then rain
Posted at 7:28 AM, Jan 24, 2021

Returns on the radar are becoming more widespread this morning as the warm front moves closer. It will be a mixed bag of precipitation for those north of I-64 late morning, then scattered rain the rest of the day. Otherwise, it’s cloudy and cold with temperatures near freezing.

Showers are already showing up on the MaxTrack as the next storm system in rotation slides in. A warm front lifting through the area midday will be responsible for a brief wintry mix before turning everything to a cold rain for the rest of the day. Showers will be scattered at that point. Snow will be the main form of precipitation for counties along the Ohio River near Cincinnati. Below that, a mix of snow and rain onto freezing surfaces (freezing rain) will be likely until just north of I-64. Counties along and south of I-64 will be only rain, and onto above freezing surfaces. Ice amounts will run less than a quarter of an inch, and mostly less than a tenth of an inch. While this is mostly a nuisance, it can still make things slippery like sidewalks, bridges, overpasses, and untreated roads. Use caution in the northern counties this morning, especially if traveling towards Cincinnati. Rain amounts will be less than 0.25” for all counties south of I-64, at leas through today. A second low carrying a potent frontal system and an abundance of moisture will drop another half inch to an inch of rainfall through the day Monday. Rain will be widespread and heavy at times. A few thunderstorms are also possible, especially Monday afternoon. Tuesday will feature a break before another winter system for midweek.