Small rain/snow shot tonight

A brief hit of wintry weather overnight
Posted at 3:18 PM, Jan 29, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-29 15:18:08-05

Cold and cloudy continues the week as we had no relief from either today. The sun was not apparent in Except for some thinning in the deck or a few breaks in the southeast. Therefore, temperatures have remained in the 30s for most all day. Tonight, brings at best a talking point when it comes to precipitation.

Tonight, a weak low-pressure center fades as it rolls over the state. As it passes, it’ll squeeze out whatever moisture we have in the form of both rain and snow. This event will be minor at best. Temperatures will still be above freezing when the initial moisture falls. Rain showers will be scattered and light. As the temperature falls near and below freezing, some snow will have a chance to mix down. Once again, showers will be scattered. Amounts in both categories will be minimal at best only amounting to a trace or up to about a tenth of an inch; certainly nothing to write home about. Regardless, it’s something to talk about. For those that do see the flakes, a coating on the grass is about all you’ll get. As the low departs a “dirty high” rolls in and keeps most of Thursday dry, but cloudy. We will get another round of precipitation Friday and Saturday, but with temperatures remaining mostly above freezing, rain will be the main form of what falls. Next week promises a more “spring-like” forecast, with rain and temperatures that reach 60 degrees. Of course, there will certainly be a chill coming right after.