See how much snow you can expect where you live through Tuesday

Still a ways to go
Posted at 3:25 PM, Nov 30, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-30 19:54:31-05

A mixture of rain and snow can be seen on the MaxTrack due to temperatures hovering right above the freezing mark at the surface. This will keep mix showers in place through the rest of the afternoon and part of the early evening until temps drop back below freezing later tonight. Road conditions seem to be slippery, but mostly snow free and will stay that way until road surface temperatures dip below freezing overnight. Otherwise, it’s cloudy and cold for the start of the work week.

Afternoon temperatures were warm enough to hover above freezing, allowing for some rain to mix back in with the snow. Snow showers started early in the morning today and will continue through at least Tuesday morning. The rain/snow mix will continue through the late afternoon and into the evening as temperatures remain slightly above freezing. Showers will turn to snow later in the evening when temperatures dip below freezing once again. With temperatures falling well below freezing and for an extended period overnight into tomorrow morning, road surface temperatures will also have a chance to drop below freezing. This is where travel will be hit the hardest. Tuesday morning’s commute will have a better chance for accumulating snow on road surfaces. The question becomes, “where will the snow be falling then?” Models are in agreement that snow showers will be mostly confined to counties east of I-75 early Tuesday morning. Most of the heavier showers should be wrapping up for the morning commute which means that roads that have been plowed will be in good shape as snow rates decline. Unplowed, rural roads may still have snow for the morning drive tomorrow. Road surfaces will start to come back up above freezing by late morning hours Tuesday, melting off whatever snow is left. Of course, bridges, overpasses, turn lanes, and shoulders will keep snow or ice longer. The sun will come out by Tuesday afternoon for most of the state, meaning that post-system flurries or light snow will be minimal. We keep sunshine through midweek with cold morning and chilly afternoons.