Soggy days ahead

Active pattern sticks around through the week
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Posted at 6:33 AM, Oct 03, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-03 10:08:41-04

The big difference today would be the increased amount of green on the MaxTrack. Showers have moved in and increased in coverage in the last few hours. As of now, there’s a line of heavier rain mixed in with light to moderate through the lower I-75 counties. Elsewhere it’s cloudy with scattered showers. Temperatures are warmer for most this morning due to the increased cloud coverage.

Rain continues through the day today with a swath of widespread showers through the southern and southeastern counties. Temperatures will be limited today and for a while because of the increased cloud coverage. Only expect the low to middle 70s, which is normal for early October. Showers will decrease in coverage overnight but increase through the day tomorrow. Rain will mostly be light, but heavier showers will be present, especially under thunderstorms.

Most of Monday will only consist of showers, however. Tuesday looks to be a break in the action. Despite this, a few showers are possible, but we could see more sunshine trying to break in. It will be a brief break as the activity ramps back up midweek with another storm system. We’ll keep showers winding down through the end of the week with a better-looking weekend forecast. Temperatures will remain in the 70s through the entire week.