Soupy Sunday

Clouds hang tough, more rain on the way
Posted at 5:42 PM, Mar 14, 2021

Certainly not the prettiest weekend in Kentucky weather history, but also not a bad one. Sure, clouds have been hanging around making for a meh sort of day, but the rain has held off for most. If you could handle a little chilly air, it was a decent day to be outside. A few sprinkles are really all that’s fallen in the area today.

Things will change overnight. Not so much in the rain or cloud department, but more the wind speeds. As the cold front nears Central Kentucky, wind speeds will increase. Temperatures will still fall to near freezing, and with that cold wind, it’ll feel like below. Showers will continue, light and in a line moving northeast through the overnight. This line will interact with near-freezing air at the surface for some of our northern counties allowing for a little wintry mix to try to make it to the ground in the morning hours. Don’t expect much. It will be a few hours until the heaviest of the rain arrives, but you can expect it to be a mostly PM affair. Scattered light to moderate rain will arrive in a somewhat uniform line for the Bluegrass and central corridor early afternoon to middle afternoon. The line then crosses I-75 and puts some wet on the eastern counties from the late afternoon through the evening hours. Rain will cross the VA and WV state lines early on Tuesday morning. Some thunderstorm activity will show up, but due to the weakening nature of the storm, not much is expected. Still a few lightning strikes and a heavy downpour are not out of the question. Winds remain gusty through the evening. Collectively, about a quarter of an inch is expected for rain totals. Some spots may reach near an inch if caught under a heavy shower, but that will be more of an exception. We get a hazy sunshine break from the rain on Tuesday with warming temperatures.