Springing into a nice weekend

Abundant sunshine with warming temps
Posted at 7:05 AM, Mar 20, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-20 07:05:06-04

A cold morning start will not be enough to discourage us as we enter the first day of spring. Things are about to get nice for this weekend. The cold air in place and clear skies overhead have let temperatures drop into the low 30s or upper 20s this morning. However, with the sunshine today, we warm nicely back to normal (the upper 50s).

One thing we will lose today will be the strong wind gusts that blew us around yesterday. High pressure will now control the forecast and keep things nice for the first weekend of spring. Sunshine will be plenty across the entire forecast area. We may encounter some early low cloud coverage or fog, but it will lift pretty quickly as the surface air dries out. Temperatures will have a chance to warm quickly thanks to the sunshine. We will get up to normal for this time of the year today and surpass normal tomorrow afternoon, after another freezing start. The Vernal Equinox occurred at 5:37 this morning which is when direct sunlight passes over the equator bringing nearly equal daylight to all latitudes. The first work week of spring will bring a more unsettled pattern. Temperatures remain mild in the 60s and rain showers with storms will arrive midweek.