Staying cooler for a bit

Heat breaks with several fronts
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Posted at 6:06 AM, Jul 31, 2021

We’re starting out with another mild and hazy morning. Temperatures are running much cooler, compared to this time yesterday thanks to the late-week cold front. Despite getting into the cooler side of the front, we’re not quite finished with showers or storms. In fact, several rounds will be with us this weekend. As of now, things are quiet.

The first round of rain is expected later this afternoon. Clouds will build through the morning and afternoon as an approaching wave moves in from the northwest. This is a batch of dying thunderstorms that really packed a punch yesterday afternoon in the Plains. Now, all we’ll really get from it is a few scattered light to moderate showers. Thunderstorm chance remains low, but a few lightning strikes are possible. The amount of rain from this round will be marginal. The next wave comes overnight as a low crosses the southern portions of Kentucky. The wave will primarily reach the southern, Lakes, and southeastern parts of the state dropping up to an inch of water.

Behind that low will be a secondary cold front. This one will cross the entire state from north to south through the afternoon Sunday bringing a chance for scattered rain and storms. Cooler and drier air work in afterwards dropping our afternoon highs into the upper 70s and low 80s for midweek.