Storms with severe potential overnight

Damaging wind gusts possible
Posted at 2:18 PM, Apr 13, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-13 20:51:48-04

Other than a few scattered showers, Wednesday has turned out to be fairly nice. We even had a little bit of sunshine there for a while, however it is “unwanted” sunshine. Sunshine is not welcome anytime we have a round of potentially severe weather headed our way. Still, clouds remain overhead, and the occasional shower or thundershower is possible through the rest of the daylight hours.

As we approach midnight, a line of strong thunderstorms will slide in for the forecast area. This line is packing a punch as it crosses the Mississippi River today where severe weather has been underway since this morning. As the line progresses eastward, it will break down, but we are still under a marginal to slight risk for severe weather.

Timing on the line will have the storms arriving in the Bluegrass and Lakes Regions around 11:00pm. The line will cross I-75 around midnight and continue breaking down over the eastern counties in the early morning hours tomorrow. It is a good idea to have a way to get severe weather alerts overnight as most will be asleep as the strong storms roll through. Turn your phone on loud and have it fully charged. Leave a TV or radio on, tuned to a station that will update you on weather alerts such as severe or tornado warnings.

Speaking of threats, the main threat with this line is still damaging and straight-line winds. Brief spin-up tornadoes and hail are possible as well, but on the lower end of the threat scale. Of course, with any line of strong storms will come secondary threats, such as torrential downpours and abundant lightning strikes. Watch for sudden high water after a strong storms moves through the area, if you will be driving.

The rain and storms will move out of Kentucky fairly early in the morning Thursday. By the late morning hours, all that will be left is a few residual showers from the leftover cloud coverage. The sunshine will be coming out through the day as high pressure moves in. Better weather is expected for the end of the week.