Stormy midweek

Waves of scattered rain & storms
Posted at 2:42 PM, May 25, 2022

We enter the middle of the week with a warm forecast. Despite mostly cloudy skies, temperatures were already in the mid-80s by the early afternoon. The breaks in the clouds, along with the southerly wind have helped to bring temperatures up above seasonal normal.

The MaxTrack is picking up on a few isolated cells early this afternoon. These cells will continue to build while more form in the afternoon/early evening. Clusters of storms will roll through this evening with some cells becoming strong thunderstorms.

Today’s risk of severe storms remains in the “marginal” category (1 out of 5) meaning that if we have any severe weather, it will show up in isolated incidents as these storms grow this afternoon. Damaging wind gusts seem to be the best bet for any severe storms that develop. Tornado possibility is there, but very low. If any hail cores get going, they should collapse before producing anything near 1.00” hail. Naturally, abundant lightning and heavy rain are likely. Also, be watching out for isolated incidents of high water, especially after a heavy downpour.

Tomorrow still looks to bring the best chance for severe weather. Several waves of rain and thunderstorms will slide through with an incoming cold front. Widespread showers are expected at times. Storms will be gaining strength and a squall line is expected later in the day. Damaging wind gusts will be possible again with these storms.

Showers continue Friday as the low slowly progresses through the region. The wrap up of rain begins for the weekend and better weather will set in starting Saturday.