Stubborn high pressure keeps it hot

Mercury rising
Posted at 4:25 PM, May 23, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-23 16:25:37-04

The afternoon has been filled with cumulus clouds thanks to daytime heating and atmospheric mixing. If you’re a little higher in altitude, you may have noticed a haze to the sky as well. That’s due to the dry weather we’ve been dealing with since last week. A lot of dust and other aerosol particles are suspended making for a hot and hazy afternoon.

High pressure continues to control the forecast and it isn’t going away for a few more days. Now, for those of you who would prefer summer heat, you’ll be satisfied knowing that we’re knocking on the door of late June/early July heat. For those of you wanting more spring this year, that’s looking pretty slim at this point. Temperatures will keep climbing the next few afternoons. We will run closer to record highs, instead of our seasonal normal. This is due to high pressure finally breaking and allowing winds to shift more southerly by Tuesday. We should top out somewhere near 90 degrees for the afternoon. One positive is that we’re not quite getting the summer humidity yet. Though, that will be move in shortly.

As far as rain chances are concerned, things will remain pretty quiet for a few days. We’re under the 10% rule, meaning that an isolated pop-up shower or thundershower is possible. That being said, most of the forecast area will get by the next few days without a drop. So, it’s luck of the draw. You’ll want some rain if you can get it, as it will cool your temperature down, albeit briefly. Rain chances increase late week as the temperature finally gets a chance to cool back to late-May standards.