Stuck in the middle

Benefits from two very different patterns
Posted at 3:00 PM, Nov 30, 2021

We sit between two weather patterns that are vastly different. Strong high pressure to the southwest is keeping the Gulf Coast, Southern Plains, Four Corners and Southern West Coast in a dry and warmer than normal pattern. A favorable Jetstream with multiple passing storm systems will keep Canada, the Great Lakes, and New England wet and snowy active weather continues.

Everyone between these patterns (including Kentucky) will get a little taste of both worlds. Temperatures are already moving up above normal for us this week and we continue the warmer than normal trend through the end of the week. We will not stay completely dry. The southern tip of a clipper moving eastward will bring a chance for rain through the day tomorrow. Showers will be scattered and light, not dropping much for us. Due to the warmer than normal air, precipitation will be limited to only rain.

As the Jetstream changes position and trajectory, we will have a better chance for storms to arrive in Kentucky starting this coming weekend and beyond.