Summer heat for early week

Nearing daily high temperature records
Posted at 6:38 AM, May 23, 2021

We’re getting a nice morning start as high pressure continues to keep us in limbo (rain-wise). Clouds are almost non-existent as of early this morning, but as the thermometer climbs, the cloud coverage will increase as well. Prepare for a warm Sunday afternoon.

Once we left the early part of May, things changed in a big way. The temperature “pendulum” has shifted back in the opposite direction, blowing past the 70s and entering the 80s for most of last week. That trend will continue with, believe it or not, warmer temperatures. Temperatures will warm near records as we begin the work week. The end of the weekend will look and feel about as it has. Temperatures will run in the middle 80s for afternoon highs with building cumulus from the rising thermals. One or two showers could squeeze out, but it will be hard to achieve that feat. Same goes for tomorrow and really Tuesday for that matter. Still, the “10%” rule is in effect meaning, you probably won’t see rain the next few days, but there’s at least a small chance.

Temperatures will warm to near 90 degrees Tuesday thanks to a breezy southerly wind behind an Upper Midwest warm front. This will be near the record high of 91 Tuesday, set back in 1953. It’s unlikely we break that record, but it shows how abnormally warm we will be. Rain chances increase as we cool through late week. We’ll finally reach normal temperatures over next weekend, but mainly because of clouds and rain showers.