Sunday: Cooler air with eventual sunshine

Temps drop >20 degrees
Posted at 5:08 PM, Dec 18, 2021

Rain showers continue, but more in light fashion compared to earlier in the day. Of course, I’m speaking more to south and southeastern Kentucky when I say this. The Bluegrass and I-64 corridor have had barely anything with only mist or drizzle falling through the day. Otherwise, it’s been chilly to mild with abundant cloud coverage as the last of the cold front slides through.

It has felt like anything but December recently with afternoon highs reaching the upper 50s and low to middle 60s for a few afternoons. The only exception was yesterday morning and afternoon before the warm front lifted. Today, we reached the low to middle 60s, despite extensive cloud coverage. Winds out ahead of the cold front picked up a little and were enough to keep mild temperatures in place. Rain has been more of a nuisance than a threat these past few days; especially today. Rain may have gotten moderate at times, but most of the forecast area went through Saturday with a pesky mist or drizzle. We barely registered anything in the Bluegrass rain gauges. Heavier showers were present in the south and southeastern counties.

Most of our reporting sites there picked up between 0.25” and 0.50.” Light rain or drizzle will continue for a few more hours as what’s left of the line moves through. We might pick up another couple of tenths of an inch, but that’s a generous estimate. Clouds hang tough overnight with the last of the showers exiting through the southeast. We will get eventual clearing by midday tomorrow seeing more sunshine in the afternoon. Temperatures take a big hit and will be over 20 degrees cooler. Plan for cold mornings coming up with chilly afternoons. Sunshine continues through midweek.