That comfortable feeling

Cooler and drier air working in
Posted at 2:38 PM, Aug 04, 2020

We started Tuesday with abundant cloud coverage and some fog thanks to the rain that rolled through yesterday. Now that we have has some heating, clouds are starting to break and there will be a mix of sun and clouds for the rest of the day. The cold front that passed sits over the KY/VA state line and because of this we still have a chance for t-storms through the evening.

The second cold front since the weekend has passed and winds are shifting. Instead of the usual southwest wind that brings warm and air moisture, we have and nice north/northwesterly wind that is pulling in cooler and drier air. The front still sits near the four extreme southeastern counties, which means there is enough low pressure to allow isolated to scattered thunderstorms this afternoon and evening. Flare ups will occur as heating continues. Heavy downpours and lightning with a few strong wind gusts possible. Storms will dissipate overnight as temps lower. We will feel the full benefits of a late summer cold front tomorrow. A pool of cooler air will settle over the region keeping temperatures below normal by about 5 degrees. Along with that will be lower dew point temperatures making for a comfortable feeling each day through the end of the week. The cooler air will not last long (as typical in summer) and we’ll be crossing normal by Friday and moving back up to hot and humid by the end of the weekend. High pressure will keep most storms at bay through the middle and end of the week and the weekend.