Thawing out slowly

Temperatures back up above freezing for most
Posted at 6:39 AM, Jan 23, 2022
and last updated 2022-01-23 06:39:59-05

Temperatures are starting much warmer this morning with 20s for most on the map instead of the single digits. The main differences between this time yesterday and today are the cloud coverage (more this morning) and the wind speeds (higher this morning). The wind speeds are sustained in the 5-10 mph range which places wind chills closer to 10 degrees.

Temperatures were cold enough through the end of the week that snow is still on the ground from the last winter system that rolled through. That’s not uncommon, but a thaw out would be nice. Especially so we can clear the vehicles from the salt that is still on most, not to mention the icicles still present. Temperatures are warmer already, with the low 20s or upper teens this morning. Wind is also a little stronger this morning, which puts our wind chills in the low teens. As we warm through the day, we will top out north of freezing by a few degrees which will help to melt more of the ground snow.

Cloudy skies will be the forecast for most of our forecast with the cold air today. Northern and northeastern counties still have a chance to see flurries around midday and into the afternoon. Any accumulation will be near or north of the Ohio River, and a coating is all that can be expected in Kentucky. So, most of us get by without even seeing flakes today. A similar setup is there for Monday with mostly cloudy skies for most, and the flurry situation north of I-64. We will warm into the seasonal normal range for Tuesday afternoon, placing our high temperature in the low 40s thanks to southwesterly wind flow.

The middle of the week features high pressure and cooling temperatures.