The "in between"

Lower rain chances as we sit in between storms
Posted at 6:54 AM, Jun 20, 2020

Starting off the weekend on a hazy, but mostly clear note for sky conditions. Fog is likely in deep river valleys, but otherwise, you should be seeing the sun as it rises today. Temperatures are starting in the middle 60s, but it will not be long before we cross the 80-degree mark and continue to near 90 before it’s over.

We sit in between systems today. The pesky low that’s been with us since last weekend is finally showing some signs of moving on so we will have a little higher pressure today. Not enough to keep clouds from building, but enough to keep most from becoming showers or thundershowers. That being said, there will be a chance for a few isolated pop-ups. Most will be showers, but a few may reach thunderstorm status. A heavy downpour and a few lightning strikes are possible. While this is more the exception versus the rule, an eye on the radar is always a good idea. Better chances for rain will arrive Sunday as the next storm system in progression gets closer. We have a weak cold front sliding in from the Plains tomorrow, which will allow enough of a pressure drop to flare up more thunderstorm activity. Most of it will be isolated, but there could be a few clusters forming which will promise heavy rain, strong wind, and some hail. This pattern will continue to stay active through the middle of the upcoming week.