Two storms on the horizon

Rain returns late-week
Posted at 11:10 AM, Jan 22, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-22 11:10:56-05

It’s been another bitter morning, but the good news is we trend up from here. Also, the sunshine wasn’t a bad way to get to work either. With the clearing and southerly wind flow we’ll warm into the low to middle 40s for afternoon highs (which is about normal). However, our morning lows in the teens and 20s was still below average. We even had wind chills near zero and below on one occasion in Monticello.

As we continue through Wednesday, clouds increase ahead of the next storm system(s). A combination of two lows will ramp up moisture through the Mississippi River Valley tonight and tomorrow morning before sending rain showers our way tomorrow night. Wind will continue to bring warmer air in both today and tomorrow, which sounds great, but really means we’ll be chilly instead of cold…not that that’s a bad thing. Rain showers will be scattered Thursday evening, but a few locations, especially in the west half od the forecast area will see some drops. The better chance of rain (for everyone) arrives on Friday and sticks with us through most of the day. Some showers will slacken by the afternoon/evening, but you can bet on a wet Friday. As the cold air gets pulled around the second low, some rain is expected to change over to snow. Amounts don’t appear to be anything special. Still, slippery roads will be a possibility through Saturday. Normal, to warmer conditions, will be with us through the weekend into next week after these storms pass.