Up and down

A warm front/cold front combo
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Posted at 4:30 AM, Oct 23, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-23 04:30:51-04

We ended the work week on a winter note with stubborn cloud coverage and temperatures that didn’t have a chance to warm out of the 50s. The overnight hours had temperatures dropping back into the 40s as cloud coverage slowly dissipated. A few showers are showing on the MaxTrack, but drizzle is the most likely form of precipitation if you still have abundant and low-lying cloud coverage over your area.

Saturday is another “break” in the action as we wait for the next low to approach and cross the Midwest. We will get more sunshine, compared to yesterday, but it will be short-lived as the next storm system moves close. Clouds will increase through the afternoon and we may even get some showers out of it later this evening. Precipitation will be light and mostly in North Kentucky. Better chances for rain (and thunderstorms) will come with the warm front slated for Sunday. Storms will be mostly around I-64 and north and in the morning to mid-afternoon hours. Temperatures get a nice boost from it and we will top out in the mid-70s. Skies will even clear as we move into the evening and overnight hours Sunday into Monday.

Monday brings the cold front. This will feature the best rain chances of the early part of the week. Thunderstorms are also possible. Temperatures will also cool after the Monday front. We will bottom out in the mid-50s on Tuesday before making another turn around before the next storm system.