Warm air sticks around...for now

Active weather with an eventual cool down
Posted at 1:32 PM, Oct 11, 2021

Temperatures have been routinely reaching the middle to upper 70s and low 80s each afternoon since we started October. This is certainly not normal for the time of the year, but in no way unwelcome. We’re meeting the same criteria this afternoon and will get through much of the week doing the same. Rain has been held off by high pressure, but some changes will be occurring shortly. Timing worked out in our favor over the weekend with abundant sunshine and warmer temperatures. The home game and Keeneland’s opening weekend were met with nice conditions. Warm weather sticks around for a few days, despite several fronts headed our way.

The next one is slated for late tonight and through the day tomorrow. Due to its overnight arrival time, thunderstorms will be limited and we’re mostly expecting cloud coverage with a few showers. Clouds will hang for most of the day Tuesday in the eastern and southeastern counties. Skies begin clearing for everyone else through the day. Wednesday remains mostly dry and fair and so does the rest of the week. Temperatures will fluctuate between the middle 70s and the low 80s as high pressure keeps most of the rain away and winds out of the south. Changes finally occur over the weekend as another low takes a run at us. This one should be more successful in bringing rain to the region. The effects most felt from it will be the cool down we get over the weekend and early next week.