Wet weather for the weekend

Rain likely with strong storms
Posted at 8:11 AM, Jul 10, 2021

We start Saturday off on a mostly quiet note after the cold front of Friday. One rogue shower is losing strength as it crosses the Bluegrass, but otherwise its partly to mostly clear and free of activity. This is a stark contrast to what is coming up later today, and really through the entire weekend. Temperatures are running cooler than 24 hours ago in areas that we lost the clouds, which is pretty much the entire forecast area.Main:

Things will change rapidly as early as late morning as a wave rain enters the forecast area. Showers will be on the widespread end and light to heavy. Thunderstorms are also expected, especially as we continue through the day. Widespread shower and thunderstorm activity will continue from the late morning hours through the overnight. In addition, these storms may be slow-moving which could further complicate things. Flooding will be the main concern going forward between today and tomorrow. The heaviest of rain and highest potential for flooding will be from I-65 and west and the bulk will remain out of the forecast area. Still, some of these heavy showers will bleed over into the western Bluegrass and Lakes counties and some flooding will be possible. As of now we are not under the Flash Flood Watch, but that could change.

Thunderstorms will also be on the strong to potentially severe side this afternoon and evening. Damaging wind gusts will be a medium threat today with large hail and brief tornadoes on the low end. If a severe thunderstorm warning goes into effect over your county today, seek shelter and ride the storm out. Showers will take a break overnight, but storms will develop again Sunday afternoon leading to a renewed flood threat in areas that see over 2” of rain today. Watch for high water through the weekend and NEVER drive through a flooded roadway