Winter is back

Find the heavy coats again
Posted at 5:43 AM, Feb 12, 2022

Prep for cloudy and cold this weekend with a minor chance for winter weather. Winter is back and in full force this weekend. If there is a silver lining in this, it’s that we will not have to deal with any major winter weather with this cool down. For this morning, we’re starting partly cloudy and chilly. Temperatures are mostly above freezing but will be dropping to around freezing as we go through the morning. We will warm back into the mid-30s this afternoon but that’s the best we will do, thanks to the cloudy skies and cold air moving in.

On the back of the cold front, a small amount of moisture will try to drop some flurries in our southern and southeastern counties. Anything that falls will probably melt on contact thanks to the warm-ish soil from yesterday. A light coating is possible in the high terrain southeast this afternoon. Otherwise, it’s cloudy and cold for the forecast today. We’ll rinse and repeat the forecast tomorrow, this time with a slightly higher chance for flurries in the Bluegrass and Ohio River Counties. This is from a weak clipper diving southeast. There will be enough moisture with it to produce a few flurries or light snow showers. Once again, don’t plan on much collection. Trace amounts on cold surfaces is all that is expected.

We will stay below freezing for most locations all day on Super Bowl Sunday. So, dress warmly if celebrating and traveling. Better weather is expected next week with temperatures rising above freezing and more sunshine available.