Winter weather weekend

Hazardous travel possible
Posted at 6:52 AM, Jan 16, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-16 10:13:35-05

Snow showers are falling in scattered fashion across the state with accumulation on cold surfaces and even roads. Turn lanes, shoulders, bridges and overpasses have seen minor accumulations, whereas warmer and treated roads are slippery. Use caution if you must be out on the roads this weekend, as hazardous travel can be expected. A WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY is in effect until at least 1:00 pm today for the Bluegrass and South-Central Kentucky, and until 6:00 pm for the Southeast high terrain.

As early as yesterday morning, snow showers have been present in the region. Most (if not all) melted on contact with the ground, and the showers were occasional at best. Convective snow showers allowed cold air to fall with the snow which is why you may have had snow shower in your area yesterday, even with surface temperatures near 40 degrees. Now that the air temperatures will remain in the 30s, the falling snow will have a better chance to fall and accumulate on contact. Grassy surfaces have been collecting snow all morning so far, especially where showers have been moderate. Roads are also collecting snow as pavement temperatures have fallen to near freezing. Untreated roads will keep snow for most of the morning. However, with the temperature rising into the middle 30s this afternoon, the pavement will warm enough to melt snow when it’s not falling. If you are driving and pass through a shower today, visibility will drop, and snow will likely be on the road. Use caution and reduce speed to avoid sliding. Snow will melt shortly after the shower passes. Showers will be scattered at best, so it’s impossible to pinpoint exact snow totals. Through Monday, the best chance for a couple of inches of snow will be in the Bluegrass, Northern, and Northeastern Kentucky Counties. The Lakes Region, and Southeast valleys will likely collect less than an inch. High terrain will pick up between 1” and 3” through Monday. Hazardous travel is expected above 1,500 feet, especially if the road is low-priority or untreated. Snow showers will wind down early next week.