Winter weekend

Cloudy, cold, breezy, and a few rain/snow showers
Posted at 4:40 AM, Jan 25, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-25 04:40:55-05

This weekend is starting and finishing in true winter fashion. Clouds are overhead thanks to the passing low-pressure system. Winds have picked up and remain sustained 5-15 mph which is making the upper 30s feel more like freezing. A few rain and snow showers are passing, but not putting down much or anything. Prepare for the entire weekend to display these characteristics.

Even though the chance for rain/snow will be lower Sunday, the entire weekend will be pretty much the same; cloudy, cold, and breezy with a small chance for both rain and snow showers. Don’t expect much in the precipitation department. Mist and light showers will keep roads wet and a few flakes are possible. Air temperatures will remain above freezing in the daytime keeping road surface temperatures above the freezing mark. Therefore, snow accumulation is not expected, unless a heavier shower occurs. Even still, accumulation will be brief and mostly assigned to grassy and elevated surfaces. The only locations with somewhat decent chances for this are the northern counties near the Ohio. As the storm continues to pass, clouds will remain thick. Even as they start to break, a second low will slide up from the southwest bringing in more clouds and another chance for rain and a few flakes. Amounts on both will be minor again. The entire work week upcoming will be met with a winter style forecast thanks to abundant cloudy coverage, and a few dry storms passing every few days. Temperatures remain around normal for this time of the year with very small chances for rain and snow.