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We're Open: Moveable Feast keeping vulnerable people fed during pandemic

Posted at 8:53 PM, Apr 16, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-16 20:53:43-04

LEXINGTON, Ky. (LEX 18) — Non-profits are finding that their services are needed more than ever right now. However, donations are going down as need is going up. Moveable Feast in Lexington helps some of the most vulnerable people in the city eat meals each day.

Since 1998, Moveable Feast has prepared and delivered hot meals five days a week to people in Lexington living with AIDS or who are in Hospice care for any reason. It was started out of a desperation to help.

"Just a few blocks from here, there was a man that had AIDS. He actually sat in his home and starved to death," Executive Director Terry Mullins explained. "He couldn’t get out to get food and nobody was checking on him. We decided that wasn’t going to happen again.”

More than 600,000 meals later, the non-profit in ensuring it doesn't. On Thursday, Moveable Feast delivered 143 meals.

“Literally we keep some people alive in this town because they can’t afford good nutrition," Mullins said. "You need good nutrition if you’re fighting disease like that."

Like all businesses--for profit or not--the closures of the past month are impacting everything they do.

“Our numbers are ticking up because people are out of work," Mullins said. "Our donations are going down because people are out of work."

In the bad times, though, we often see the good. Mullins says a local philanthropist stepped forward, looking for a way to help. He wound up helping both Moveable Feast and a local restaurant.

"(He) actually reached out to The Pasta Garage," Mullins said.

That connection ultimately led to Moveable Feast receiving hundreds of meals from The Pasta Garage.

“He gives us money to buy food from them.”

Mullins says they need more volunteers to deliver meals. He hopes people will consider a tax deductible donation.

"Quite often, this is the only food they get all day," Mullins said.

Keeping their operation going couldn't be more critical right now.