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Repair shop working to stay in business as virus spreads

Posted at 7:00 PM, Mar 31, 2020

FRANKFORT, Ky. (LEX 18) — Every night at 5:00, all eyes are on Frankfort as Governor Andy Beshear delivers the state's coronavirus update.

However, the city streets surrounding the Capitol are quiet as only essential businesses are open.

Even if some businesses are still operating, they're struggling. With less cars on the road, there's not as many customers. That is the situation at JD's Auto Repair in Frankfort, located just a few blocks from the Capitol.

"Has slowed down a lot. Less customers," Jamie Dean said. "On a busy day, probably I would say 13-16, somewhere in that neighborhood."

But on Monday, the shop only saw four customers. That's adding financial strain to the owners, Jamie and Melissa Dean.

"We are surviving day by day," said Melissa Dean.

Melissa said they haven't seen business this slow since opening the shop.

"We started on $2,000. And now we have our own business, we've been in business almost nine years and still chugging along," said Melissa Dean.

The Deans feel fortunate to keep the lights on, but there have been cut-backs. The decrease in customers means only two mechanics in the shop every day instead of four.

"Kind of rotate a round to give everybody a little money in their pocket," said Jamie.

In a time of financial troubles, they're even more grateful for folks that trust the shop with their car and precious dollars.

"I thank God for every customer that walks through that door," said Melissa.

Inside the doors of the shop are apparent signs of the times and social distancing. A shower curtain separates Jamie and Melissa from customers. A mask sits on his monitor, there's hand sanitizer on every desk and the floor is marked by tape.

"Not as personal because most of the time, everybody comes in and gives you a good old fashioned handshake and 'how you doing,'" said Jamie.

The customers know these are necessary steps to ensure that everyone feels safe as the shop stays open and the virus continues to spread.

"Anything we can do that makes it better for them, and for us, and our well-being and our health, we're trying to do"

Day by day, the Deans are working to keep cars on the road and staying in business.