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We're Open: Crank & Boom still serving up sweetness amid pandemic

Posted at 9:09 PM, May 08, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-08 21:09:16-04

LEXINGTON, Ky. (LEX 18) — There's ice cream and then there's craft ice cream. Specifically, there's Crank & Boom Craft Ice Cream in Lexington.

Like most businesses, it began with a simple idea.

"When we started, it was literally in a two-quart Cuisinart home ice cream maker, and I was making coconut ice cream for our Thai restaurant," Crank & Boom Owner Toa Green said. "We started to dream these crazy dreams, like, 'Oh, maybe we would go sell it in Kroger one day.'"

But that idea wasn't crazy at all.

Since 2013, Crank & Boom has operated a cart, opened two shops in Lexington and the craft ice cream is sold is 40 retail locations in Kentucky and some in Ohio. Green uses local ingredients to create the unique ice cream.

"We have a really special way that we make it that's different than anyone else, and we do really fun flavors," Green said.

When the ice cream shop had to close its doors to people in March like all other food establishments, it was a big change, but nothing that made Green panic.

"Since we started in 2013, every year the way our business has been run has been completely different," Green explained. "We've always changed really fast and changed well. We had put some things in place last year to diversify what we're doing. We do nationwide shipping now, which was already set in place and has helped us a lot."

The two Lexington locations offer curbside pick up. Crank & Boom also offers same-day home delivery.

The unique product made the popular, and the the service has made them a favorite.

"I think our team and the people you interact with when you get your ice cream, whether it's at a festival, or even in curbside behind a mask, offer that same level of love and service," Green says.

To spread that love, Crank & Boom has given back during these tough times, donating more than $16,000 from sales of ice cream to causes and initiatives around the community.