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We're Open: Fitness Plus keeping people moving during pandemic

Posted at 9:57 PM, Apr 27, 2020

LEXINGTON, Ky. (LEX 18) — Maintaining mobility is especially important for people as they get older. Lexington gym, Fitness Plus, specializes in fitness for people over 50 and is finding ways to still help clients.

Fitness plus is celebrating 25 years in personal training and rehabilitative therapy services. Since 1995, owner Sheila Kalas says they've offered an array of specialties.

"I'm an exercise physiologist. We also have people here that are kinesiologists. We have people here that are athletic trainers, health and wellness professionals," Kalas says, "A lot of people that are coming off on injuries, whether it's hip replacement, knee replacement, bad back--they're looking for somebody that can help them safely work out."

For older clients, Kalas says it's about being able to safely keep their independence.

"The key to independence is mobility. So our trainers focus on not just building muscle so you look great on the beach, it's about quality of life and keeping your mobility which then in turn helps you keep your independence," says Kalas.

Fitness Plus has grown over the years, and changed and adapted.

"(In) 2011, we became whats called a "Strong Over 50" certified studio, and that's a program based out of Raleigh, North Carolina. We almost exclusively market to the 50 and over audience. Although, we certainly train everybody, but that's really kind of our wheelhouse," says Kalas.

Now, Kalas and her team are adapting again.

"We are happy to embrace the technology," she says, as they hone in on ways to keep up with clients through virtual workouts. They are also offering outdoor workouts to clients when the weather allows for it.

It's kind of like a virtual work out. I'm keeping my distance, but I might be in your back yard with a little bit of equipment," Kalas says.

Also, free of charge to the community, Fitness Plus is posting some workouts on their Facebook page.

Kalas says she is in the middle of writing up new procedures for when clients are back in the gym like usual.

"I think all service businesses are going to rely on (their) ability to give customers the confidence that you can bring them back into the fold in a safe manner," she says.

From washing hands and wearing face masks, to adjusting schedules, it will be a new adaptation, but one they're ready to tackle.