What’s that wet stuff?

Rain finally falls, but we need more
Posted at 3:34 PM, Sep 23, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-23 17:33:50-04

Scattered rain showers continue, although amounts are very small. Still, every drop counts. Temperatures have been much cooler thanks to the abundant cloud coverage and rain. We currently sit in the low 80s, unless you currently have or recently have had rain, which is knocking temperatures back into the 70s. We will continue to cool as the cooler air mass drives in.

A very unfamiliar sight is the light to moderate rain showers that have been falling through the day. Showers have been scattered, so not all locations have received their drops, but those that have only get a little. As of now, a few showers are pushing southeast. Amounts are still light, but it could be enough to wash the dust off your vehicle. We need more. The drought will continue to get worse, despite the rain today. We are running behind by a few inches and need to gather all we can. If we go without rain today it will be the 27th consecutive dry day, and our next (and only) chance for a while will be on Thursday. Temperatures will feel more like fall for a few days as the cooler air mass sits over us. The second cold front will also help. We will get summer back in a hurry starting Friday. The heat and humidity will bring us through the weekend and into next week.