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You Can Win A Ride To Prom In The Wienermobile

You Can Win A Ride To Prom In The Wienermobile
Posted at 11:30 AM, Apr 26, 2022

If you’re heading to prom this summer, along with the perfect outfit, you’re also going to need a sweet ride.

While they can’t help you decide what to wear, after hundreds of requests from fans, Oscar Mayer is offering up their iconic Wienermobile to students nationwide who want to trade their limo for a ride in a giant hot dog. April 26-May 3, students ages 17 and older can enter to win a ride to prom in the Wienermobile, bringing along three friends. The winner will also be featured on the brand’s social channels.

If you’re looking for a ride to prom, simply create an original video and post it to TikTok or Instagram, using the hashtag #OscarTakeMeToProm. The video should include why you should be chosen for the Wienermobile to drive you to prom, when your prom is taking place and in what city and state.

The video must be less than 60 seconds, and you’ll need to make sure your profile is set to public so Oscar Mayer can see your post. There is a limit of one entry per person, so even if you post on both Instagram and TikTok, that will be counted as one entry. Three winners will be chosen, with the Wienermobile rides taking place one to four weeks after the conclusion of the contest.

Oscar Mayer

This is not the first time Oscar Mayer has offered up their Wienermobile for a special occasion — the company loaned it out for proposals in 2020. They also rented it out on Airbnb in 2019 and gave free Lyft rides in 2021.

The Wienermobile you see today, however, is not quite like the first one that was introduced in 1936. Over the last 86 years, Oscar Mayer has added a few new types of Wiener vehicles, and there are a total of six of them traveling around the U.S. at any given time.

The first Wienermobile was created by Oscar Mayer’s (yes, he was a real person) nephew, Carl G. Mayer. There have been a handful of drivers over the years, called Hotdoggers, who are recent college graduates that are recruited to drive the vehicle around the country.

We wonder if getting a ride to prom in one could qualify you to drive it on your summer break from college later?

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