Winter halftime report

Today is the mid-point of Meteorological Winter.
Posted at 5:59 PM, Jan 15, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-15 18:21:44-05

We have reached the mid-point of meteorological winter, which began on December 1st. Winter has yet to show up. There have been flashes, but the cold air hasn't found a good footing. This has been the second warmest first half of winter in Lexington. To go along with the warmth, there hasn't been any snow either.

Since the beginning of December, Lexington's average temperature has been just shy of 45°. Only the first half of the winter of 1889-1890 was the warmer. (Average temperature then was 50.3°.) Last Saturday was our warmest winter day so far with a high of 75°. That was a record. 17° has been the coldest temperature.

The lack of cold air has lead to a lack of snow. There has only been a trace of snow this winter. Lexington did pick up 1.8" of snow in November. That goes towards the tally for Meteorological Fall (September 1st - November 30th.)

There have only been five years in Lexington weather history without measurable snowfall during the first half of winter. A snow-less first half of winter occurred as recent as 2014-2015. Other years are 1931-1932, 1900-1901, and 1889-1890. This shouldn't be an indicator that the remainder of winter will be snow-free. You may remember during the second half of winter 2014-2015 we picked up three feet of snow. Lexington has never gone an entire winter without measurable snow. The least snowy winter was in 1931-1932 with a season total snowfall of 0.1".