Woodford school board member responds to controversy over social media posts

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Posted at 6:27 PM, Aug 15, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-15 18:27:14-04

VERSAILLES, Ky. (LEX 18) — Social media has become a place where people can express their opinions, but not without controversy. Tonight, a Woodford County School Board Member is standing by some of her private Facebook posts that some say are offensive and racist.

Many students are headed back to class, including those in Woodford County. It has been a smooth start inside the classrooms, but on the administrative level...not so much.

Some are questioning recent Facebook posts by one of the elected school board members, Allison Richardson.

On her private Facebook page she shared memes about Mexico and the Clintons. Richardson, who is known as a no-nonsense, tell it like it is person, says she shared it as a joke and nothing more.

Richardson spoke with Leigh Searcy on the phone and said it has no impact on her job,"It has nothing to do with the way I care for our school district at all."

The chair of Woodford County's Human Rights Commission says the private posts send a bad message to students, especially the Hispanic students who make up 15 percent of the district.

"All children need to go to school and feel safe comfortable and eager to learn," Mary Nehring told LEX 18.

Woodford County's superintendent says that if a teacher were to post something similar, their job status would be against the district's code of ethics. Elected board members also have a code of ethics, but ultimately answer to the people who put them in office.

Richardson believes her posts are being blown out of proportion.

"I'm doing my job, doing it effectively and honestly I'm doing it fair and my social media, like I said, is not conducive to my school board at all," she said.