You Can Buy A Mini Vacuum For Kids That Actually Works

You Can Buy A Mini Vacuum For Kids That Actually Works
Posted at 10:35 AM, Apr 17, 2019
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Kids love playing house — even the housework. After all, it’s all fun and games until you’re an adult! Now, parents can take advantage of their kids’ affinity for housecleaning, because this toy vacuum cleaner actually works.

The Little Henry Vacuum from Casdon looks like a miniature version of a real Oreck vacuum, and it actually packs a bit of suction power, too. According to the product description, this “toy” can pick up light dirt, small bits of waste, beads and more.



So when your kids want to be just like you and vacuum around the house, they’ll be doing you a favor! Finally, a better way to keep the playroom tidy!

This adorable little cleaner is currently available on Amazonfor $37.99 and free shipping.


It’s important to note that this mini vac is battery-operated and does make a sound. However, according to the product listing on Amazon, it’s not as loud as an actual adult vacuum cleaner.


According to the product reviews, this vacuum does actually pick up tiny bits of trash, hair and dirt as advertised. While those who have tried it definitely wouldn’t recommend it for adult-style clean-up, it’s perfect for kids who want to help tidy up.


“This little guy is so cute — my grandson’s name is Henry so I purchased it for him. He just turned five and is definitely at the ‘being neat’ age,” one reviewer wrote. “I wouldn’t recommend it for actual grown up cleaning, but it DOES pick up little bits — and the tubing is clear, so a neatnik can see what’s happening. My Harry is going to love Henry!”


There’s also a pink version of this vacuum cleaner called Hetty. It’s absolutely adorable and is just as reliable and durable as Henry.

This version is available from multiple sellers on Amazon, starting at $31.81:


If you’re not careful, your kids will enjoy cleaning so much, they’ll want one of each! That happened to one parent, who wrote, “My [s]on LOVES Henry and now wants Hetty LOL :-)” on Amazon.

How adorable!


If your kids can’t get enough of Henry and Hetty, you can also purchase an entire cleaning trolley that comes equipped with a dustpan, mop and more for all sorts of messes.

The Henry version is available for $26.70 on Amazon:


The Hetty version is available for $19.88 on Amazon:


And if your kids just can’t get enough, you can also pair their vacuum with the following accessory set, which includes a Henry-themed bucket and mop. It’s on Amazon for $9.99.


And since we know you’re wondering — yes, the mop and bucket set also comes in Hetty pink, so you can mix and match as necessary:


It’s worth noting that this isn’t the only popular type of kid’s vacuum available for purchase online. Dyson also makes its own version of a ball vacuum for kids. It’s the perfect size and height for children to push around the house, and, just like the ones above, it actually vacuums!

It retails for around $39.99 on Amazon. There are multiple colors you can choose from, including red, purple, pink or yellow. (Currently, every color is available for Amazon Prime, but that hasn’t always been the case in the past, so some shipping charges may apply, depending on the color you choose.)

Dyson via Amazon

As your children push it around, they can watch the colorful balls pop inside the vacuum  — and at the same time, it’ll suck up dirt and small pieces of paper or debris.

Get ready to have some good, clean fun with your kids!

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