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You Can Build A Lego Gingerbread House This Holiday Season

You Can Build A Lego Gingerbread House This Holiday Season
Posted at 9:30 AM, Oct 11, 2019

One of the most enduring (and sweetest) holiday traditions is building a gingerbread house. But, let’s be honest, creating one of these festive holiday houses is not only time-consuming but also downright messy. Even using a kit requires getting your hands (and your kids‘ hands, and probably your entire kitchen) all sticky from handling the royal icing, sugary candies and cookies.

If you love the look and nostalgia of a gingerbread house but want to skip the sugar, then you need to pick up the newest Lego building set. You and the entire family can come together this holiday season and build your own adorable Lego gingerbread house, brick by brick, with no mess.



For Lego fans, the house is a worthy addition to the Winter Village line, which started 10 years ago with a toy-shop set and grew every year to include a market, a train, Santa’s workshop and a Winter Village Station, according to Brothers Brick.

The Lego Creator expert gingerbread house set has everything you would want for the traditional holiday centerpiece. The exterior is adorned with colorful decorations, including “candy cane” pillars and stained-glass windows. The eaves of the gingerbread house have the classic look of royal icing creating a blanket of snow on the roof and icicles hanging from the edges.

The best part of the Lego gingerbread house, though, is the incredible interiors. With a cookie-based gingerbread house, you usually only get a charming (and delicious) exterior view. But this set opens up a whole new world of holiday fun for builders. Inside this 1,477-piece set you’ll find:

A Glowing Fireplace

What cozy holiday home is complete without a fireplace? This gingerbread house doesn’t just have a fireplace. When you press down on the chimney smoke, the fire glows!


Candy-Style Furniture

Decorate your Lego Gingerbread House with candy-inspired furniture, such as a cotton-candy lamp and a chocolate-bar bed.


A Gingerbread Family

What’s a home without a family? The Lego set includes an adorable cookie family of three: a daddy gingerbread man, a mommy and a baby. They come complete with a baby carriage and a snowblower for dad.


There are also a lot of other fun little details, including a decorated Christmas tree, presents, a rocking horse and a toy train.

The gingerbread house is $99.99 right now at Lego’s website, and the set is recommended for kids ages 12 and older.

And if this set is feeling challenging at first, just remember that you’re not putting together an amazing gingerbread Millennium Falcon, or a fancy gingerbread version of the estate in “Downton Abbey.” Just imagine cleaning up the mess after creating that!

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