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You Can Now Buy Toll House Edible Cookie Dough By The Pint

You Can Now Buy Toll House Edible Cookie Dough By The Pint
Posted at 3:59 PM, Jun 28, 2019

For all of those moments in your life when you’ve really just wanted to eat cookie dough by the spoonful — after a break-up, as a reward for a tough workout, to accompany your favorite movie — the perfect treat now exists. Nestlé Toll House is selling edible cookie dough by the pint, and you’re going to want to buy every tub your local grocery store has in stock.

You can get the cookie dough in two flavors: classic chocolate chip and the super fun Peanut Butter Monster. According to a press release, these are already available at Publix grocery stores and will be available in Meijer locations, select Walmart stores and select regional grocery chains throughout the month of July.

walmart photo
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Each flavor is sold in 15-ounce containers that you’ll want to pop the lid off of and dig right into with a spoon. Personal pints are definitely encouraged with something like this, because this cookie dough is much too good to share.

Just look at this decadence:

Nestlé Toll House

OK, this deserves a close-up photo:

Nestlé Toll House

Get ready to devour this sweetness, spoonful after delicious spoonful.

The chocolate chip flavor contains bits of chocolate mixed with Nestlé Toll House’s classic dough you know and love, while the Peanut Butter Monster version combines yummy peanut butter dough with oats and chocolate candy pieces. So basically, you’re going to need one of each.

You can expect to pay around $4.97 per pint, which seems like a small price to pay for what’s sure to become your favorite dessert.


It’s important to note that this cookie dough is safe to eat. The CDC advises against eating raw cookie doughbecause it typically contains ingredients such as raw flour and eggs, which are safest for consumption only after they’ve been cooked. Flour can cause sickness from E. coli, while eggs can carry salmonella, so it’s best to search for edible cookie dough that’s been made without raw eggs or flour.


If these tubs of Nestlé Toll House cookie dough happen to be sold out (sorry in advance to fellow shoppers in my area!), you can always try your hand at making safe-to-eat cookie dough at home.

This eggless and flourless recipe from Show Me The Yummy is safe to eat and pretty easy to whip up and then, yes, enjoy by the spoonful! It contains homemade oat flour as a flour replacement.

Turns out, making your own oat flour is as simple as pulsing old fashioned oats in a food processor. The oat flour you create will then be combined with ingredients such as butter, brown sugar, vanilla and chocolate chips or whatever you decide to add in.


Raise your spoons and say “Cheers” to this edible cookie dough!

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