'Giving Tuesday' Berea Food Bank comes through

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Posted at 3:42 PM, Nov 30, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-30 17:34:06-05

BEREA, Ky. (LEX 18) — Just like almost everyone and anything else, food banks across Kentucky are struggling with pandemic-related issues such as the supply chain and inflation rate.

“Prices are rising, even from our suppliers that have got super low prices, so it’s put some pressure on us financially,” said Tony Crachiolo, who runs the Berea Food Bank on Parkway Avenue.

Still, Crachiolo says, the bank is well-stocked for the holidays and beyond, thanks to the community.

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“This is Berea! We’re coming off our annual fundraiser and Berea College’s “CELTS” program annual fundraiser for us. We’ve raised 1/3 more money than last year,” Crachiolo proudly stated.

On what is known as “Giving Tuesday” across America, Crachiolo and his volunteers took it to a new level.

At around 9 in the morning, a truck from Lexington’s God’s Pantry arrived with 12,000 pounds of groceries. Within two hours volunteers unloaded, opened, sorted, and bagged those items for delivery to 100 families in need.

“We’re doing something that actually means something to people,” said volunteer, Janet Grider. Janet has been volunteering her time to this cause for the last five years.


“The last couple of years have been really challenging, as you know. It makes me cry,” she said, and you could hear the emotion in her voice.

The Berea residents who benefit from this home delivery service are mostly elderly, physically challenged, or both.

“We’re the only food bank I know in Kentucky that actually brings food to the people in need on a regular basis,” Crachiolo said.

He also pointed to his volunteers, saying he had five times more than expected.

“When you ask for volunteers in Berea, a lot of hands go up,” he said.

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If you’d like to help the Berea Food Bank this season with a charitable donation, click here.