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Jessamine County boy returns home with a new heart

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Posted at 7:11 PM, Jun 21, 2024

JESSAMINE COUNTY, Ky. (LEX18) — It took 448 days, but Kash Lawson is finally home. Since March of last year, the Lawson family has been split between Wilmore and Cincinnati.

“He got his heart transplant July 28,” Kash’s dad, Zac Lawson, said. “It took a really long time for that heart to start moving and working right. The main thing that really helped Kash was having his mom there.”

Kash was born with hypoplastic left heart syndrome (HLHS), and dealt with heart failure before getting the transplant last July. Marissa Lawson stayed in Cincinnati with Kash while Zac kept watch over Kash’s two younger brothers.

“Being away from Lane and Clay was one of the most difficult things I’ve ever had to do as a mom,” Marissa said.

Zac added, “It was a long time being separated, so having us together is really, really nice.”

On Tuesday, the Lawsons finally got good news: Kash could come home. On the drive back, the Lawsons received a police escort through Jessamine County until they got to their house.

“We had neighbors that were standing out with signs,” Zac said.

“It made him feel like he was missed and important and everybody had been waiting for his arrival,” said Marissa.

After spending so much time at the hospital, returning home has been quite an adjustment for Kash.

“He’s been in the same routine for a year and a half,” Marissa said. “Now, we’ve broken that routine and it’s kind of thrown him for a loop, so we’re trying to get him to be as comfortable as possible.”

To help ease this transition, Marissa put together a photo book of Kash with his various nurses and caretakers.

“My friends,” Kash said as Marissa flipped through the pages. “Do you miss your friends?” she asked. Kash nodded his head yes.

Remembering his forever friends from the past who shaped his future, Kash and his family can enjoy the present together.

“When I get to put all three of my boys to bed at night, I get to tuck them in and give them all a kiss,” Marissa said, “and when I rest my head, I know that they are all under the same roof.”